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Softnet wins award for Best in Class from the global operator Telefonica


Softnet was presented with the award for Best in Class from the global operator Telefonica. The Best in Class award acknowledges innovative achievement among telecom wholesale operators regionally and globally and Softnet was recognised for its hard work and partnership in the category of International wholesale services vendor management recognition programme.

Softnet has developed and integrated an IoT solution to meet the needs of Telefónica International Wholesale Services (TIWS).

Telefonica can now use new and improved ticketing software that is incorporated with Softnet. All changes and ticket statuses are in real time and evident on both sides.  The next phase is an advanced telecommunication system with all the locations and their connections.

SoftNET is also an IP telephony operator in Macedonia

We are pleased to announce that we have also become a fixed telephony operator in Macedonia. This helps all the companies operating in several countries, as the support can be managed in one place.

By having all the support in one place, the company doesn't need to deal with individual operators in countries where they have offices. All they need is a single operator. Each party or company has a trustee assigned to them, no matter in which country or office it appears.

SoftNET joined the fastest-growing Internet Exchange in New York

At Softnet, we joined the US Internet Connection Center DE-CIX New York, which is the fastest-growing Internet Exchange in the New York metro area and has managed to grow to the leading Internet Exchange in this area within three years. DE-CIX New York is Open-IX certified and carrier and data center-neutral. It operates more access points than any other Internet Exchange in North America. SoftNET is now present on the most important Internet Exchange Points on three continents.

Softnet became member of APNIC

APNIC is Asian internet registry which co-ordinates IP address space and other network resources. Membership enables us to obtain access to ASian network resources and ability to provide services in Asia Pacific region.

Softnet became member of HKIX (Hong Kong Internet exchange)

As part of global expansion Softnet became member of HKIX (Hong Kong Internet exchange). This allows Softnet's users improved performance and latency to Asian networks as well as vice versa. HKIX is de facto the most important internet exchange and Hong is the most important telecommunication hub in Asia therefore this achievement is important step.

SoftNET and Information Security

In november, 18 – 20, 2015 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, took place a conference INFOSEK, where met information security professionals from around the world  and discuss about the latest trends, events and issues in information security and information risk management. SoftNET is a proud sponsor of this conference.

INFOSEK was in its thirteenth successful year of providing information security professionals from around the world an opportunity to learn about the latest trends, events and issues in information security and information risk management.  INFOSEK is the most comprehensive and important forum on Information Security in the region.

SoftNET puts High Information Security among priorities and this is why we decided, as many years before, to support this unique opportunity to interact and learn from leading experts in Information Security, Business Continuity Management, Digital Forensics, Privacy & Regulatory Compliance, Security in Cloud Computing, Computer System and Application Security, Trends and Events in Cyber-security.

You can read more about this event on site http://www.infosek.net.

SoftNET supports the Future of Network and Security

RISK conference, on 11th & 12th of March in Congress Centre Thermana, Laško, Slovenia

Во последниве години конференцијата RISK стана една од водечките настани за компјутерска безбедност во Јадранскиот регион  на која присустува голем број на инженери, како и извршни директори на компаниите од регионот. Има многу промени во областа на безбедноста и заштитата на податоците во последно време. Постојат популарни нови технологии како Saas ( безбедност како сервис ) и услуги во облак ( cloud computing ), зелени компјутери, итн ..
Говорници на конференцијата ризик се експерти од реномирани консултантски компании и продавачи на ИТ безбедност како што се: Гартнер , SafeNet , INTEL - McAfee , HP безбедност претпријатие , Websense, SOURCEFIRE , Qualys ,OBSERVEIT , XIRRUS и локалните систем интегратори . Презентациите се на англиски јазик.

More about conference ...

SoftNET повторно е горд спонзор на оваа конференција. Дојдете и посетете не , ќе nи биде драго да зборувамe со вас.

SoftNET supports Information Security

INFOSEK 2014, Nova Gorica, Slovenia, 19th – 21th November 2014

Security of information systems is one of leading activities in information environments today. For this reason, as many years before, SoftNET supports INFOSEK, the biggest event of information security in Slovenia.

INFOSEK takes place in Nova Gorica from 19th to 21st November in Perla hotel. Come interact and learn with information security professionals from around the world about the latest trends, events and issues in information security and information risk management.

You can read more about the event on http://www.infosek.net/index.php?lang=2. We will be glad if we meet there where our representatives will be available for you questions.



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